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Opti-Syn Consulting was founded in 2019 by Fahim Ekbal Moledina who has extensive experience enabling leaders to solve complex problems in their organizations. He has experience and knowledge in managing change and has managed multiple business transformations while leveraging technology to help clients reach their goals. As an expert on business process re-engineering, workforce planning and enhancing operations to eliminate waste he has successfully helped companies in meeting their long-term goals while producing actionable and measurable strategic plans. Fahim has extensive knowledge in project management and has delivered initiatives on time, within budget and safely. His expertise helped him lead and facilitate process changes across complex institutions while leading change management initiatives. With extensive experience in agile and lean business processes, he has managed to use these insights and implement these principles in non-traditional industries to help efficiencies. Much of his work has fostered an analytical mindset where he has used data to make decisions that help organizations and in doing so has developed various skills in design thinking.

As a skilled leader focused on outcomes Fahim has a history of aligning resources to meet goals and bench-marked metrics. With a focus on building strong relationships with partners, suppliers, and competitors he is able to grow opportunities by leveraging technology and best practices. Fahim Moledina has a strong project management background as a professional project manager he has had great success in integrating teams to increase collaboration and performance. He has strong communication skills and has successfully integrated teams to increase collaboration and productivity. In having extensive expertise in leading Finance, Marketing and Communications, and other diverse teams he has a keen eye for combining skills of teams to gain efficiencies. Fahim has extensively lead the development of work methods, business cases, and strategic plans and taken steps to align operations with cost and productivity analysis (CPA). Fahim has in-depth knowledge of the waste industry, construction, mining, oil, and gas as well as post-secondary education. Having successfully managed multiple projects ranging in size up to 36 months with budgets ranging from $5K to over $50M.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina is capable of generating robust strategic and marketing plans, coaching executives and leaders, while assisting and managing all financial aspects of an organization. He is a master lean six-sigma black belt and a professional project manager who has helped organizations journeys to increase efficiency. Fahim has led acquisitions and integrated companies and his project, change management and design thinking background can provide value to your unique challenges and initiatives.

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Fahim Moledina
Fahim Moledina

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