Technology, Automation, Product, Project Management, Finance and Change Management (Fahim Moledina)

Ideamensch Interview- Fahim Moledina

Fahim Moledina has a passion for technology, finance and change and process management. A lean and agile solutions-focused strategist, he is owner of Opti Syn, a project management consulting company. As a member of Project Management Institute, he earned credentials including Project Management Professional, Professional Business Analyst and Agile Certified Practitioner. With a customer-centric philosophy,…
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Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Fahim Moledina: A Business Strategist With A Wide Range Of Experience

One important element to consider in order to keep up with the changes and adjust to different consumer preferences is to enhance your branding on a regular basis to suit the expectations of specific customer demands and trends. The organization faces a variety of challenges on multiple levels; as a result, one must guarantee that…
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Fahim Ekbal Moledina

Why Outsource Information Technology: Here Are The Reasons – Fahim Moledina

Today, the significance of information technology infrastructure for business can’t be underestimated. As many businesses choose to transact business online, the average small business owner is compelled to invest a lot in computer systems – Fahim Moledina. Cutting-edge information technology systems enable people in corporate situations to interact more dynamically. For instance, advanced networking abilities…
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Alberta Tech Worker Shortage

https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/554536716/consultant-fahim-moledina-shares-business-organizations-concern-over-tech-worker-shortage There is a current technology worker shortage not just in Alberta but much of the world.

Optisyn Interview- (Fahim Moledina)

Hi all, https://ideamensch.com/fahim-moledina/ Thank you  Carlyn Runnels for taking the time to get to know OptiSyn and what I do. Regards, Fahim Moledina

Sharing Thoughts on Collaboration and Innovation (Fahim Moledina)

Checkout my recent interview: [Interview] Fahim Moledina, Edmonton Executive Shares Strategy For Collaboration And Innovation I was really excited to provide some insight into my current role as well. Regards, Fahim Moledina

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Managing Change in the Education System (Post Covid-19)- Fahim Moledina

I just finished reading a small article online about how Covid-19 has been driving changes to modernization in the education system. Which is below: I also wrote a little on this before: Re-Inventing the Post-Secondary My last role before consulting was helping to modernize and align strategies in a department within a post-secondary institute (psi).…
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Analysis Paralysis

I think many organizations struggle with making decisions in a timely manner. Organizations are led by people and the post below gives some tools to help in this way. In the past, I have tried to push timely decision making as there often can be an advantage when moving forward especially on projects. It is…
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Outside box- Fahim moledina

Design Thinking Supporting Business Transformation and Change

How does design thinking help in change and transformation initiatives?

Fahim Moledina- authority vs influence

Leading with Influence by Fahim Moledina

Leadership can be complicated but effective leaders in today’s workforce need to now be less authoritative and now have the skills to influence others to gain consensus or agreement to move initiatives forward in a way where people are bought in and motivated. The ability to influence is an essential leadership skill that as a…
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