Fixing the Root Cause- It’s a Mindset

Fixing the Root Cause- It’s a Mindset

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I have two shedding dogs and my wife hates the fur in the house, but instead of brushing them (which I do regularly), she will vacuum. In many cases when there is consistent fur or shedding season she will vacuum, and two days later there is fur everywhere. What I started to realize is fixing the root cause of issues is also a mindset and habit is often to only deal with the symptoms of the cause. In the end this is something minor but in the workplace we often see leadership and individuals dealing with symptoms and not the root cause.

Organizations need to start fostering an environment where they enable employees to focus on fixing the root cause. For myself often I find myself experimenting to figure out how to fix things work and always looking for improvements even on this site, often I test on other sites live such as- https://www.fahimekbalmoledina.ca/, and even with SEO I change sites content to see how they respond. Fostering CI initiatives has been a large part of my career and asking and analyzing waste in processes has been a large part of this. Also tools such as Plan- Do- Check – Act (PDCA) and mapping cause and effect with items like Ishikawa diagrams often can help individuals visualize changes.

In many cases now there is hyper-competition of technology products and they are continuously making changes to gain market share. As I push forward to my next role I am excited to implement and advise on CI specific to service and service management.

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