Agile Methods for a Successful and Effective Product Development – Fahim Moledina

Agile Methods for a Successful and Effective Product Development – Fahim Moledina

Agile Methods for a Successful and Effective Product Development - Fahim Moledina

According to Fahim Ekbal Moledina, to be a good product manager, it is vital to have enough knowledge about the different methodologies of agile product development.

Product managers should keep a receptive mind to the agile method to provide innovative product design and development processes. Agile broadly constitutes a wide array of techniques for product management and development.

It is a set of software developing techniques based on increment and repetitive development, wherein solutions and needs evolve because of collaboration between cross-functional and self-organizing teams. Such a system fosters adaptive planning with evolutionary development and delivery slowly and repetitively while encouraging fast and flexible responses to changes.

Agile Product Development Getting the Attention of the Industry

With every passing day, a lot of firms are turning to the different methodologies of agile development. This is helping the business sector be more responsive to the current diverse market changes. Agile is not just helpful in the growth and expansion of a business, but it is equally efficient in making great working relationships among all the members of a group. Agile increases shared accountability; keeps projects focused on the newest market and customer needs while improving the company’s market positioning.

How Product Managers Can Go On Using the Different Ways of Agile Product Development

Many product managers need to be more confident in utilizing and adapting the different agile method management and development techniques. There could be many reasons for that- the need for in-depth knowledge regarding agile, lack of interest and capability in working closely with product development, and many others.

Product managers should comprehensively educate themselves about the agile method to bridge the fear gap. One can even go into different books and articles about agile to get a clear picture.

Take references and recommendations from experts like Fahim Moledina and those who have already tried and tested the benefits of the agile method into their business ins and outs. Product managers can also try out different experiments using agile methodologies.

If you want to know more about agile development and management method, there is only one person you can rely on- Fahim Moledina.

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