Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

I think many organizations struggle with making decisions in a timely manner. Organizations are led by people and the post below gives some tools to help in this way. In the past, I have tried to push timely decision making as there often can be an advantage when moving forward, especially on projects. It is important to have the right and enough information to make decisions but often companies over-analyze and wait and the maximum value of making decisions in a timely matter pass them by.

Fahim Moledina has worked with some great leaders who are data-driven but if structures within organizations do not provide timely data on how they make decisions are affected. The speed of data is important but it is also important to be willing to make decisions as leaders. It is important for leaders to be able to make decisions and to do so empower their employees.

Analysis paralysis can be fought with different decisions and frameworks as well as agile methods. Empowering the people with the most informative and closest to issues to make decisions can help teams become more efficient and alleviate pressures from management. A great perspective of this was Captain David Marquet’s command of a nuclear submarine and his empowerment of his crew. In reality, the mind of one leader is not as strong as a whole team so it is, an organization leverages its employees.


I was going to draft something in regards to analysis paralysis but this post really hit on most of my thoughts.

Fahim Ekbal Moledina

The post is shared as believe many organizations can use the framework proposed:

Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is described as a moment when over-analyzing or over-thinking a situation can paralyse decision making.

Personal Development

Sometimes individuals or groups fail to make decisions because a situation may be deemed as too complicated and a decision is never made due to the fear that a potentially larger problem may arise. So at the core of this paralysis fear of error is the issueThink about the projects, concepts and ideas you had and never implemented. What happened?

The way life works is that if you have an idea, just know that you are not the only one having it. So in the end the person who goes ahead and implements the same idea will be named the owner.

Never over stay or over think to the point that you are unable to take actions. Be willing to start and don’t fear making mistakes

Sometimes we fail to take action because we are so concerned about what others will think or making a mistake

Mistakes are a part of any credible destination because we are not in control of everything.

How to overcome analysis Paralysis

Set time Frames

It is evidently clear that some people are afraid of attaching time frames to their activities or plans because they are actually afraid of commitment and failure or want to remain in the planning zone.

They want to leave room for the excuse by not setting a time frame so that when something is not done at a particular time, they cannot be held liable for failing. Right now some are considering going to school, writing a book, starting a business or producing an album, but nothing gets done because there is no commitment in the form of a set time frame. When there is no time frame analysis Paralysis will be the predominant force.

Overanalyzing never gets things done actions does. Stating when you would like to start and finish something and following through is one of the ways to overcome analysis Paralysis.


This is the obligation on your part to someone to account for your activities, accept responsibility and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. This could be your partner or coach.  My suggestion  is find someone whose feedback
you value or someone that you can’t stand disappointing. The same way some people fail to act on their inspirations because they worry about other people’s negative views. Thereby affecting them to take actions. So you can use the same energy
by being acceptable to someone you value and you wouldn’t  want to let down. So instead of fear becoming an impediment, you can turn it into something useful. Everyone can talk and dream big but at the end of the day the accolades of success go to those who are action orientated.  Talk will always be cheap, that’s why everyone can afford it.

Abandon Perfection.

It has been liberating to know that the world and everybody in it are not perfect. Even  well-intended actions are likely to be rejected or criticized. The least you can do if you have something to offer to the world is to take action. Do not let perfection hinder you from taking action. Do what you can to enhance the value of whatever you want to do, but don’t over stay in trying to make it too perfect. Nothing and nobody will ever be perfect including those you are afraid of.

Despise the shame.

One thing I have observed about Donald Trump, is not embarrassed by things that most people are usually embarrassed about. Its a gift to him because it helps him focus on his agenda.Sometimes we are just too aware of ourselves and our surrounding in a very negative way. We care too much about other people’s opinions.

In order to act on your dreams and not be affected by analysis paralysis learn the art of despising the voices of scornful people. Be more aware of the value of your dreams and the lives of people it can change positively. The pages of history are full of men and women who faced enormous challenges. Most pioneers were initially not appreciated, but were rather laughed at, and many around them waited for them to fail.

In order to achieve what you have envisioned, you have to be willing to be ridiculed and humiliated but stay focused. The finishing line is your birthright.

By Kelvin Namwanza
Author/Coach/Pastor @charislegacycentrehttps://kelvinnamwanza.wordpress.com/2020/02/29/analysis-paralysis/

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