The Critical Role of Communication in Agile Project Management

The Critical Role of Communication in Agile Project Management

Was happy to give my input on an article:

Communication is the key to collaboration and in many cases, customers are looking for solutions that meet their needs in a timely manner.

Under conventional project management, it may be difficult to identify these risks quickly before they affect the project. However, with agile management, there is more focus on incremental releases, which bring such risks more clearly so that they can be worked on. 

For Fahim Moledina, this helps in responding to any potential risks very quickly. It equips managers with sufficient visibility to make decisions that are critical to the project early on. It means that project teams can make tweaks to the original development process quickly to prevent potential losses and failure.

Agile project management helps the project manager to take as many risks into account as possible so that he can predict the response to products and make changes where necessary. It always leads to a better performance of the product on the market.

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